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Urban Oasis

An oasis of tranquility in the heart of the bustling Milan.

Welcome to Ristorante Chianta’

◆ Our Restaurant ◆

Ristorante Chiantà is a charming culinary destination located in the vibrant heart of Milan. We are an urban oasis, an exclusive refuge for gastronomy enthusiasts in search of unique dishes. Indulge in a refined culinary experience in a reserved and tranquil ambiance.

Our culinary creations are crafted with mastery and precision, guaranteeing an explosion of flavors and pleasure for all the senses.

Our Menù

◆ the taste of the simplicity ◆

The menu at Ristorante Chiantà has been designed to provide our customers with a unique culinary experience within our Urban Oasis.

The menu at Ristorante Chiantà is a tribute to the simplicity and nostalgia of traditional recipes. We aim to bring back the authentic essence of traditional cuisine, offering an unforgettable experience.

Our dishes are characterized by simplicity, authentic flavors, and lightness, utilizing modern knowledge and techniques to preserve the traditional colors and flavors of the ingredients.

Our philosophy is rooted in the respect for culinary traditions of the past, where nothing was wasted, and ingredients were maximized to their fullest potential.

We are committed to minimizing waste and giving respect and value to every component and part.

Chef Vito

◆ Special CHEF ◆

Chef Vito’s cuisine is a celebration of simplicity.

Each dish created by Vito encapsulates a memory, an emotion, and a part of his personal story.

With roots in Sicily, his memories and life experiences have shaped the journey that led him to Ristorante Chiantà.

Here, his cuisine is a tribute to the raw ingredients and the professionals who work with them, treating them with care and respect to bring the authentic flavors of tradition to the plate, combining research and simplicity.

Our aperitif

◆ Special Moments ◆

Sip on refined cocktails and indulge in quality appetizers in a cozy and sophisticated environment. Experience something unique with our extensive selection of creatively crafted drinks made with fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Let yourself be captivated by the elegant atmosphere and attention to detail that make every aperitif at the bar of Ristorante Chiantà unforgettable.